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V. P. Dzhelepov, renowned Russian scientist, was one of the founders of the Institute of Nuclear Problems (1948) and later of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna, where he was director (1956–1988) and since 1988 honorary director of the Laboratory of Nuclear Problems.

V. P Dzhelepov

В КОНЦЕ 1949 года был введен в действие один из важнейших ядерных объектов нашей страны — пятиметровый синхроциклотрон, который был способен ускорять частицы до рекордных в то время энергий и по своим параметрам превосходил ускоритель, сооруженный в 1946 году в Беркли американцами. Тем самым был заложен фундамент крупнейшего физического исследовательского центра, который с 1956 года стал известен всему миру как Объединенный институт ядерных исследований.


посвященный 85-летнему юбилею профессора Юлиана Арамовича Будагова.

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11 July 201711 : 00 Конференц-зал ЛЯП   Общелабораторный семинар

Thorwald Klapdor-Kleingrothaus (Freiburg and CERN)

The Micro Mesh Gaseous Detectors (MicroMegas, MM) are planar and high-rate capable detectors with a very good spatial resolution. In the recent years, the MM technology was intensively studied in view of replacing the innermost station of the ATLAS endcap muon spectrometer in the next long LHC shutdown in 2019/20 by a new detector assembly known as the New Small Wheel (NSW) Upgrade. The two New Small Wheels will use the MicroMegas technology as well as sTGC’s for triggering and track reconstruction. In this context, small MicroMegas prototypes (10x10 cm) were developed, to study their performance and their behavior. The presented work uses a cosmic muon test setup with two of these prototypes in combination with a scalable readout system. Influences on the detector performance caused by variations in pressure of the operation gas or by contamination with humidity at the low ppm level are investigated. These parameters will impact the later design of detector slow control system at the New Small Wheel in ATLAS, which will be part of this talk, too. In addition, the further upgrade activities for the NSW in Freiburg are presented.