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Geneva, 31 May 2010. Researchers on the OPERA experiment at the INFN’s Gran Sasso laboratory in Italy today announced the first direct observation of a tau particle in a muon neutrino beam sent through the Earth from CERN, 730km away. This is a significant result, providing the final missing piece of a puzzle that has been challenging science since the 1960s, and giving tantalizing hints of new physics to come.

A regular meeting of the Dubna part of the ATLAS Collaboration will be held tomorrow on 25 May in DLNP Conference Hall. The main target of the meeting is the control of the ATLAS physics programme implementation in Dubna. Support of most promising and successful work, including financial support is being set according to these results.

Director of the Institute of scientific-technical Information of the Republic of Cuba (IDKIT) Carmen Sanchez and Head of the IDKIT International relations Department Lurdes Machado spent three days at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research.

A regular meeting of the Joint Seminar “Physics at the LHC” organized by the cooperation of Russian Institutes and JINR Member States in the CMS experiment will be held on 18 May 2010 at 3:00 pm in the Conference Hall of the RAS Institute for Nuclear Research in Moscow at avenue 60-letiya Oktyabrya 7-A.

The Committee of Plenipotentiaries of the Governments of the Member States of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, at its extraordinary session held on 7 May 2010, has taken the following decision:

The ATLAS Higgs workshop has started today at JINR. The main topics will follow the activities within the ATLAS Higgs subgroup on the complex Higgs final states - HSG5 (complex states,

    Academician A.N. Sissakian 14.10.1944 – 01.05.2010 The Directorate of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR, Dubna) deeply regrets to